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        So I decided to give an inside look at what’s in my camera bag and what I use each item for. My camera gear has been constantly changing since the beginning and I will always continue to upgrade as I find new things I like. Investing in all this gear didn’t happen over night. It was a lot of trial and error, testing out different gear, researching tons of reviews and also learning from some of my favorite photographers and videographers. I recently switched from Canon to Sony and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I’ve found it to be more accurate, reliable and faster. However, just remember that your gear isn’t what makes your work good –  sure it’s helpful, but it’s so much more than that. You’ve got to know how to use it.


        Here’s the gear I mainly use for wedding photography:


        -Two Sony A7iii’s

        -Sony 135 f/1.8 GM

        -Sony 85 f/1.8

        -Zeiss 55 f/1.8

        -Tamron 28-74 f/2.8

        -Sony 24 f/1.4 GM

        -Meike MK-S-AF3A Macro Extension Adapter

        -Rose Anvil Bandit Camera Harness

        -Sony HVL-F60RM flash

        -Godox V860II flash

        -MagMod Flash Diffuser

        -Backup batteries

        -64gb 300mb/s SD Cards

        -Heyday Portable Bluetooth Speaker

        I always shoot with two cameras on me at all times. I don’t like to have to switch lenses very often throughout weddings so having two on me is super helpful. I also like having a backup camera on me so in case something happens to one, I have the other one ready and don’t miss any moments. I use to have a Holdfast camera harness and while I loved it, it always snagged my clothing and hair. So I recently switched to the Rose Anvil and that problem was solved – so highly recommend.

        I use a variety of prime lenses throughout the wedding day, except for ceremony. I love shooting wide, so I typically always have the 24 on me most of the wedding day along with the 55 on my other camera. It’s the best combo for telling a story. The 24 is perfect for that documentary style look that I love and the 55 is great for detail shots and portraits.  This is my go-to combo for getting ready. I sometimes use the macro adapter for rings shots. I put the 85 on during first look and reception for special dances, toasts, etc. where you want to give people some space and not be all up in the moment. For ceremony, I like using the 28-75 for flexibility of range and 135 to get those close up reaction shots.

        The only times I like to pull out my flash is during reception when it’s absolutely necessary, like the dance floor. I like to use natural, ambient lighting when possible during special dances, etc. so it’s less distracting.

        I use the Kamrette Lyra Camera Bag to pack all my gear in. I keep the Shootsac Lens Bag on me throughout the wedding day – so I have all my lenses, memory cards, batteries and flash on me at all times. It’s super helpful because I’m ready to easily switch things out since I have them on me and don’t have to keep going back to my bag throughout the day. It’s time saving and makes sure you don’t miss a beat.


        This is the video gear I mainly use for my films:

        -Zhiyun Crane 2

        -Zoom H5 Recorder

        -Rode VideoMic Pro+

        -Sony 1″ Voice Recorder

        -Tascam DR-10L Lav Mic

        -Gobe Variable ND Lens Filters

        -LED Video Light

        -DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone

        -PolarPro ND Filters for Drone

        In addition to the above, this is the gear I use for shooting video. I like to be as discrete as possible on wedding days and not take up a whole lot of room. So I keep things light and mobile with my Zhiyun Crane so that I’m able to easily able to go from location to location. I typically use my 55 lens for filming most of the day. The Variable ND Filters are super helpful to have on, especially during shooting when it’s bright outside.

        I’m also a fan of having a variety of options on wedding days and multiple back ups. So I’ve got a few different voice recording options for different moments throughout the day. The quality of the Zoom H5 is the best by far and always on my camera to capture audio. If we’re outside, I’ll pop on the fuzzy windscreen to help keep the noise from the wind down. I put the Lav Mic on all my grooms or officiant to capture vows during ceremony. The Sony 1″ recorder is the perfect small, portable and discrete backup option for any occasion.

        I love using my drone for establishing shots of the venue. I don’t like overusing it and typically only include one drone shot in the film.


        Remember, when you invest in gear, you should also invest in business insurance. I have liability and gear insurance, which is super important if you’re going to be a professional photographer and especially if you’re going to be shooting weddings.

        If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below!




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