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I'm here to thoughtfully document your love through impactful storytelling to remind you how you felt on the best days of your lives. My desire is to create wedding photos and films that take you back to your love, impulsively feeling instead of just merely seeing these memories of your wedding day. To artfully capture the organic, carefree and genuine moments so you can remember this part of your journey. My work is driven by love and inspired by meaningful, heartfelt moments. I’m all about documenting the unscripted emotions of your wedding day as they naturally unfold. I create with heart and intention, telling your unique story with real and honest moments. I find beauty in the in-between, the imperfect and the little moments that can oftentimes mean the most. 

my philosophy

No story is one and the same, and every wedding is unique. I don’t follow a template when it comes to approaching your wedding day, shooting or editing. I document your celebration of marriage in a way that is authentic to you. 

I make sure you feel relaxed and in the moment on your wedding day. When it comes to couples photos I’ll ensure you’re in gorgeous lighting then I’ll step back and let you two enjoy each other and all the feels, and give you prompts to create genuine moments when needed. You can trust that I will capture your authentic story, give you the freedom to be yourselves and allow you to take in your wedding day.

My Approach

It’s all about the experience. I’m not just here to document your wedding day. You’re investing in more than that. Your entire experience is so important to me and I tailor it to each of my couples. I find value in connecting with my couples. I want to get to know you and your story to better document your day. I’m here for you throughout the entire process, beyond just your wedding day. I provide resources and guides filled with expert tips to help make planning easy on you and so you can get the most beautiful memories of your wedding day. I take a limited amount of weddings each year in order to fully be able to give my couples the best experience and creative work possible.

Not just here to document your wedding day.

The Experience

I believe art is meant to be felt. I lean more toward the introvert type, always focusing on thoughts, ideas and processing the world around me. My personality is more laid back rather than extroverted, so I will be a calming presence on your wedding day. 

My love languages are touch and quality time. I’m an animal lover with two cats and a dog that I'm completely obsessed with. They are everything to me. You'll probably find me either at home cuddling with them or editing at a local coffee shop.

I’m a hopeless romantic at heart, who seeks meaning in everything, inspired by love and the desire to create. Ever since I was young, I have always felt deeply, which all made more sense when I discovered I’m an enneagram 4; the artistic, creative type, all of which I lean into with my business. Emotion is at the forefront of my work, and human connection is at the core of everything I do. 

I'm always down for an adventure. I’m from the east coast, but I’m a west coast lover at heart. I’ve lived in Connecticut, North Carolina, Georgia, Seattle, California, Arizona and Oklahoma. 


“We are in love with every single photo from our elopement and our film is absolutely amazing. Better than anything we ever imagined! I was so confident that Jennifer was the perfect fit for us. She exceeded our expectations! We can’t thank her enough for everything.”


“Jennifer is so easygoing and delivers amazing images! The passion she has for her work is so inspiring and her talent is over the top. She is kind, caring and absolutely amazing at what she does. I would recommend her to anybody!”


“Jennifer made our experience a total dream. We cannot say enough good things about her and have had so many friends ask for her information. She’s professional, kind and went above and beyond anything we were ever expecting. We are so pleased!”


“I cannot express how incredibly talented, kind and patient Jennifer is! She is a true professional who is in this business for the people. I am very pleased with the outcome of our photos! You will be highly satisfied working with Jennifer. She is amazing!”


“I have zero complaints. Jennifer was one of the best wedding decisions I made. She is so easy to work with and super committed. We love all of our Engagement and Wedding photos!”


“Jennifer is absolutely the best hands down! Super genuine and so wonderful to work with. She captures every moment perfectly! We loved how invested she was from the very start. She was always willing to help us and gave us so many good recommendations. I was blown away by our photos. I cannot brag on her enough!”


“I am so thankful for Jennifer! She made our day run smoothly and not to mention how beautifully she captured the day. I’ve had so many guests from our wedding reach out and rave about her! We are so appreciative of her.”


“I never for one moment doubted choosing Jennifer as our photographer and videographer for our wedding day. The thing I thought I would be the most worried about was such an easy decision! No stress! Forever grateful for her.”



it's about you and
your love story.